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Rose Consulting Service

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It’s often been said that roses are too hard to grow, that they require too much work, that they need too much babying. Nothing could be further from the truth. Roses are the only plants that will provide bloom from May to October and they are easy to grow if you know what to do and when to do it.

Want to learn rose gardening yourself? We’d love to teach you how!. Our staff has years of experience maintaining rose gardens and we enjoy sharing our knowledge to help Portland continue to be the “City of Roses”.

Offering rose consulting clinics or workshops for garden centers, garden clubs, landscapers, golf course maintenance staff, public park staff, and anyone who wants to learn more about being successful maintaining a beautiful rose garden. You can finally have the rose garden you’ve dreamt of.

Benefits of Rose Consulting

Your garden will become the envy of the neighborhood. Once you have learned the tricks and tips of maintaining a beautiful rose garden, your garden will provide wonderful garden color all season long. Imagine the satisfaction of helping Mother Nature grow beautiful roses!


Once you know how to maintain a beautiful rose garden yourself, you won’t need a landscapers help – saving you money.

We can provide just the services you don’t want to do so that you can enjoy your rose garden.


What is Included in Rose Consulting

Garden Rose Consulting services will help you learn:

  • Site selection for the best sunlight

  • Soil nutrition for getting the best out of a rose

  • Disease and pest control

  • Easy maintenance of bloom production

  • Tips on getting roses to repeat bloom faster

  • Irrigation needs

  • Variety selection as well as the types of roses for any landscape need

  • Planting instructions

  • Pruning tips, tricks, and timing

  • Mulch and weed control

  • Companion plant recommendations

  • Design ideas

We Want Your Rose Garden to Look Perfect

Call us anytime to schedule a free onsite evaluation and consultation for your rose garden. We will provide a package that will fit your needs.


Our passion is roses and we want to share our passion with you. Feel free to email us or get on our schedule today!

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